Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Mission Statement

Pregnancy Care Center and Women’s First Choice Medical Center is dedicated to erasing the (perceived) need for abortion through effectively serving pregnant, at-risk women by transforming their fear into confidence.

Vision Statement

Reaching the right women, at the right time, and serving them in the right way for the greatest possible gain on behalf of patients, babies, staff, donors, the organization, the community, and God.

Core Values
  • Fighting Spirit

  • Relevance

  • Accountability

  • Intervention in unplanned pregnancies

  • Restoration for post abortion healing

  • Redemption through sharing the Gospel

Core Metrics
  • Appointments scheduled

  • Percentage of high risk abortion-minded (A/M) women

  • Counseling No-Show Rate

  • Number taking pregnancy tests

  • Percentage of positive tests

  • Ultrasounds performed

  • Abortion vulnerability breakdown

  • Real outcomes (based on follow up data)


Develop and maintain accurate and relevant service to women at risk for abortion in an
organizational environment made up of three main departments (Patient Resources, Medical
Services, Advancement) lead by leaders who each assemble volunteer teams for the
purpose of accomplishing the mission as it relates to their respective department.

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